Free Spirit Adventures Presents

Come And Meet The PE Trail Community

The Valley Burn is first and foremost a community oriented trail event.

We have invited the various brands and businesses that service our trail community to be a part of the event in the form of a pop-up race village that will be setup in the Settlers Park parking lot.

Here you will be able to talk about and look at gear like race packs, trail shoes and collapsible cups from the various stands while watching the race unfold.

Any funds raised will be donated to the Baakens Valley Trust, to help with the upkeep of this amazing green space right in the center of our city.

The Valley Burn - Race Overview

Trail races by their very nature are remote and often have considerable climbs incorporated into the course. Both of these are elements never usually seen by supporters and friends.

The Valley Burn is a new idea in trail racing, designed to introduce the PE trail community to the concept of vertical trail racing, while at the same time allowing spectators to be a part of the action through the design of the course.

The course has been designed as a 5km loop with a total elevation gain of 250m and elevation loss of 250m per loop.

Because each loop is approximately 70% single track, with some good technical sections, entries will be limited to avoid unnecessary congestion on the course.

Each loop will start and end in the race village.

Each race will encompass a different number of loops and consequent total elevation gain.

There are 5 significant climbs (and associated descents) per loop, and the entrants will visit the race village area twice per loop.

Approximately 75% of the race circuit can be viewed from the race village, so friends and family will be able to watch and support the runners as they take on the challenge of beating the burn.

Security will be provided at all course exit points by Bradbury Protection Services, along with the Settlars Park Voluntary Rangers.

Medical support will be provided by ECMR.

Nutritech will provide the runners with a hydration station at the end of each loop, but runners are advised to carry water as the course is quite challenging.

This is a green race, and as such any entrant caught littering will be disqualified immediately and will be pulled from the course.

If you want to improve your overall trail running ability, then choose a vertical trail challenge from the ones below and we'll see you on the start line:

Spark VC - 5km Vertical Challenge

Loops: One

Total Distance: ~5km

Total elevation gain/loss: 250m/250m

Click Here To Enter

Light VC - 10km Vertical Challenge

Loops: Two

Total Distance: ~10km

Total elevation gain/loss: 500m/500m

Click Here To Enter

Burn VK - 20km Vertical Kilometer Challenge

Loops: Four

Total Distance: ~20km

Total elevation gain/loss: 1000m (1km)/1000m (1km)

Click Here To Enter